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Metaphysical Light Coding by Rosa-maria 

Sacred Light encoded transmissions for multi-dimensional healing. 

Light frequency re-coding is a metaphysical healing modality that allows for multi-dimensional upgrades through adjusting and re-coding frequency templates and timelines.  


I am a quantum healer and cosmic light channel creating vibrational light encoded artwork.  I anchor ancient sacred knowledge through light code activations. These cosmically channeled frequencies are referred to as light transmissions created by channeling my multi-dimensional aspects of self and galactic frequencies (star beings) in the form of hand-drawn light codes using sacred geometry and light scripture into ascension vibrational art enhanced with spoken light language activations.


Light frequency coding is an ancient and futuristic universal communication system. A forgotten multi-dimensional master healing tool, a beautiful and sacred gift to assist the ascension of humanity and remembrance of your divine being.

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